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Enneagram & Coffee

Hi! I'm Sarajane Case, the face behind the Enneagram & Coffee Instagram account and podcast! I found the enneagram at a time that I needed it most. It helped me to make sense of my relationships, of the way I oriented in business and how I wanted to design my life. 

It's my mission to share this incredible tool with as many people as possible. To do that, I brought in some of my favorite teachers, leaders and coaches to share their enneagram expertise & their enneagram journeys with you! 

I know that learning the enneagram will help you to better understand who you are, what drives you, how to better serve yourself, your loved ones & your career. It's definitely been that for me. 


For One Week Only

Join live for the week of February 11th as I interview leading enneagram teachers on topics such as the enneagram & leadership, relationships, work, faith, mindfulness & more. 

We'll kick the week off with a workshop discussing how to know your enneagram type & everyday of the week I will share interviews with prominent leaders in their industry discussing their enneagram type & how they've learned to work with it. 


Pricing Options

Join us live and catch the workshops during their scheduled broadcast OR check the box at check out to grab the all access pass & receive lifetime access to the wisdom shared + LIVE nightly q&a calls during the summit!



Live workshops with enneagram experts on: 

  • relationships
  • work
  • leadership
  • compassion
  • knowing your type
  • mindfulness
  • faith

Live workshops from leaders in their industry and how they've worked with their enneagram type. 



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