Enneagram & Relationships

A robust course for doing the deep relational work of the Enneagram. 



We start with a strong foundation of your own growth work and journey to self-acceptance and understanding.


Once we've established a healthy relationship to ourselves we are able to move into how we understand and work with others.


For this work to have lasting impact we move from understanding into implementation and integration so that this becomes habit in our life.

"I LOVE this take on the enneagram. It is full of compassion and understanding. It is perfect for anyone new to the enneagram or for anyone who wants a refreshing perspective.
It is easy to digest and serves as an amazing resource to learn about all the types. It is easy to flip back and forth to different types so you are not stuck reading from front to back.
Sarajane offers incredibly helpful advice to help you not only grow but feel at home in your own skin and not feel ashamed of who you are, rather embrace your strengths. Sarajane also provides tools for accessing other parts of your personality that with strengthen you further."

Book Review
While the course doesn't yet exist for a testimonial, this review of my book ( The Honest Enneagram) does a great job of summing up the tone and experience of a course with me!

What is the beta program?

I will be delivering this course live for the first round. We'll start August 12th and workshops will release each week. The founding members will have access the day we start and maintain access for life. They will also have the option to impact the future of the course. Their feedback will help to form what this course will ultimately become. Because they will be there with me as we build they're given the opportunity for a deep discounted rate! From Jun 25 - July 8 the price will be $100 less than the course will ultimately be priced! 

What's Included:

Intro to the enneagram 

Intro to self-typing 

Helping others find their type

Foundational Work to set the tone for moving forward.

Type specific workshops: 

  • How to better love yourself - 
  • Your journey to health as your type.
  • What is your work in relationship 
  • How to love people of each type better
  • Boundary setting as your type 
  • Questions to ask each type for connection
  • Conflict and your type
  • Type pairing specific information 
  • Routines for your closest relationships to help sustain this connection long term.

Each workshop is paired with action items like worksheets, activities and challenges to make the work tangible and impactful.

Sorry I missed you you! Doors to the Course are currently closed. 

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