The Enneagram Summit.

Discover who you are, strengthen your relationships, and design the life you've always wanted.


Hosted by Sarajane Case of Enneagram & Coffee


The Enneagram Summit is for you if you: 

Find yourself in patterns of behavior that aren't working for you or your relationships but don't know where to start fixing it.

Crave being able to make decisions from a place of ease but always question if you have the knowledge you really need to do so.

Wish you could leave conversations with loved ones and coworkers feeling heard, understood, and supported instead of feeling disconnected and distant.

Are ready to begin an honest but loving relationship to yourself.

Desire individual and professional success but don’t know what keeps holding you back.

Don't miss the magic.

Throughout The Enneagram Summit, you’ll learn all things “Enneagram,” which is a proven personality-typing tool that assists in self-discovery by helping you uncover your personal roadblocks and motivations, and by giving you the opportunity to make the changes needed to live the life you truly want.

And yes, it’s THAT good!


During the Summit You will be able to: 


Determine your Enneagram type.

Learn about new and old enneagram elements and theories.

Better understand yourself and others.

Create deeper, long-lasting relationships.

Make real progress in your personal and professional goals.


Join the Enneagram Summit.

A 5 day event with over 30 webinars from some of the world's top leaders, Founders, Speakers, and Teachers, all for less than $1 a workshop!

Over 30 Webinars. 5 Days. Join from Anywhere.


The Enneagram Summit is a 5 day online event all about learning the Enneagram and the different personality types.


The entire summit is built around self-compassion—no shaming or blaming here! You can come to this safe space to get a better understanding of who you are and how to live a life that you’re excited about. 



Check out some of the speakers teaching at The Enneagram Summit!


Suzanne Stabile

Enneagram Master Teacher
Bestselling Author

Speaking on Stances

Hillary McBride

Therapist / researcher / speaker

Speaking on Personal Agency and The Enneagram


Mari Andrew


Speaking on being a Type 4.

Lashonda Brown

Speaker / Entrepreneur

Speaking on Being a Type 2. 

Beatrice Chestnut

Author / Psychotherapist / Enneagram Teacher

Speaking on subtypes.

Ruthie Lindsey

Author / Speaker 

Speaking on being a Type 7.

Peter O'Hanrahan

Enneagram Teacher / Coach / Writer

Speaking on Relationships.

Maliquea Starnes

Event Planner

Speaking on being a Type 1.

Chi Chi

Enneagram teacher / Mental Health Counselor

Speaking on Power & Vulnerability

Abi Robins

Enneagram Teacher and Podcaster

Speaking on embodiment.

Evan Barbee

Enneagram teacher / Coach 

Speaking on feminism and the enneagram.

Jamie Lee Finch

Author / Embodiment Coach

Speaking on being a Type 8.

Amy Young

Dating and Relationship Coach / Youtuber 

Speaking on dating by enneagram type.

Kacia Fitzgerald

Podcaster / Coach

Speaking on being a Type 7.

Lauren Barnett

Storyteller / Entrepreneur

Speaking on being a Type 3.

+ Many More!



"I just have to share how much I love what Hillary McBride said about sharing her number with others.Really powerful aha for me today! Loved it."

"[they] really reinforced to me the idea of moving inward with compassion to find the freedom from the patterns my personality puts me in."

"Ian’s session yesterday was lovely. As an 8 and a new mom, I have to keep this in mind more. I have been so hard on myself because I see my friends doing amazing things with their Enneagram work. I want to keep moving forward at full speed but my little one is forcing me to slow down. That is, of course, a gift and challenge in itself. Thanks so much for all of the work it took to create this summit, Sarajane Case!"

"Hearing Amber talk about a year of no to others and a year of yes to her. So so good. Also her advice on establishing boundaries particularly around people calling and dumping their hard day in you. Probably the greatest thing I struggle with, so hearing a 2 share that it’s ok to say no and it’s ok to establish a precedent of them asking if it’s ok was powerful. Thank you for interviewing everyone so well, Sarajane Case! The questions you asked brought out things I needed to hear!"

"Just listened to Abi Robins on mindfulness...so good! I particularly resonated with her encouragement to do this self discovery in relationship, face-to-face relationship...which is my growth edge as a type 5...and though I have and continue to work on my stuff with my therapist and partner- my tendency is to digest the information by myself. I even practice yoga by myself...lol!"

"I’m a 2, so yesterday was super interesting for me. Some big takeaways so far: - the idea of evaluating yourself with a mother’s gaze. This was so eye-opening for me. - Carrie grace talking about how she doesn’t expect others to love her in the same ways she loves them. -chatting with you (sarajane) about not having to give everything to everyone. I needed that permission. - hearing the other 2 speak about how she recognizes when she’s in a place of stress/unhealthy was super useful to me. (She also explained my obsessive need for every single throw pillow and blanket. 😂)"

"Oh, man. I've been watching Sarajane's interview with Chichi Agoram this morning on knowing your type, and I feel so inspired! I love Chichi's energy and calm confidence in her knowledge of the Enneagram. The way she broke down the difference between 9s and 2s blew my mind and was so helpful! "

"If there was ever any question of my being a 3 (and believe me, there have been questions!), I know now that I AM DEFINITELY NOT A 3! Me walking into a room is more like, "Who will I talk to? This is so uncomfortable. Social anxiety, social anxiety, social anxiety.""

Meet Your Host:

Hi! I'm Sarajane Case, the face behind the Enneagram & Coffee Instagram account and podcast! I found the enneagram at a time that I needed it most. It helped me to make sense of my relationships, of the way I oriented in business and how I wanted to design my life. 

It's my mission to share this incredible tool with as many people as possible. To do that, I brought in some of my favorite teachers, leaders and coaches to share their enneagram expertise & their enneagram journeys with you! 

I know that learning the enneagram will help you to better understand who you are, what drives you, how to better serve yourself, your loved ones & your career. It's definitely been that for me. 


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The Summit Ticket gives you five-day access to all 30 webinars throughout the summit. This is a great option if you’ve got the space in your day to take advantage of each day’s webinars as they’re happening or by the end of the five days. 


If you feel like you have a good understanding of the Enneagram and are looking to only check out webinars that align with your current interests or goals, this is the ticket for you!




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The All-Access Pass gives you LIFETIME access to all 30 webinars. That means you can listen to any of the webinars whenever, wherever, forever. This is a great option if you want to take your time going through each webinar at your leisure and return to them in the future. 


The All-Access Pass also gives you entry to our private “The Enneagram Summit” Facebook group where Sarajane will do a live “Question & Answer” segment each day of the summit at 3p EST. This month-long group gives you the chance to connect with Sarajane and other individuals out there who are just as curious as you about the Enneagram and how it impacts their lives as you are through daily conversation starters. 


If you love the Enneagram and want to learn more and really be able to apply it—now and in the future—the All-Access Pass is what you need.


30+ Webinars. 5 Days. Join from Anywhere.


The Enneagram Summit.


Discover who You are, Strengthen Your Relationships, and Design the Life You always wanted.










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