Chasing your dreams should be fun.

So why does it feel so hard?



Your personal guide to uncomplicated business systems, faster progress toward your goals and a life well lived!


I take all of the fancy business growth and sustainability tools and tricks and I break them down for you into nice bite-size manageable pieces. Making starting and growing a business easier than ever before. 


I know that your career goals are useless if your life isn't being tended to. We focus not only on starting and growing a business but also tending to you and your life so that you're having more fun and progress in every area of your existence.


This isn't your cookie cutter business systems and personal growth course where you learn all of the things you 'should' be doing and then leave feeling more shame than you had before. This is a program and process dedicated to meeting you where you're at, accepting your circumstances and setting realistic but optimistic progress goals.

You know that step in meeting your goals where you learn new things, get overwhelmed, get down on yourself and then freeze? 

Yeah, let's skip that one this time.

My work is dedicated to helping you manage your progress toward your goals, meet yourself with compassion and do more than you ever thought possible. 


Choose your Adventure


I have a growing store of courses available to help you with your business, personal and creative goals.

The Incubator

Work together with me for 3 days straight to get your project out of your head and out into the world. 

Our Community

Our online community is coming soon - late 2018. Sign up for the waitlist here. 

"I don't quite know where to begin. Sarajane is the best kind of therapy for my business and my soul. She has helped usher in a new era for my business. If you own a small business, I could not recommend her services more. She is wonderful at what she does and is the spark I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other as I maneuver the world of small business ownership and management. Her calm, graceful and wise presence is grounding and her guidance and advice are spot on. I wouldn't be where I am today without her support."

Alex Fisher
Owner and Creator of Lucky Penny Creative & Rad Business Co.

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